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SXSW - Friday Night, March 17, 2006

This was the best night for me. It started at Bourbon Rocks for The Lovetones from Australia. Now Bourbon Rocks is a strange venue as the stage has a fence around it, and the two bands I saw there had lots of members so it was like watching them in a pen.
The Lovetones
SXSW - Lovetones at Bourbon Rocks
Very educational banter about Aussie slangs and numerous guests appearances which made the stage so crowded the band was forced to all play facing the same direction.
SXSW - Lovetones at Bourbon Rocks
Matthew, looks and acts a lot like Joel, formerly of Brian Jonestown Massacre. (Watch DiG! if you want to see for yourself) I wasn't surprized to hear that the Lovetones have toured with BJM many times. Of course Matthew had skills beyond the tambourine.

This was followed by one my highlights of the night, OK GO!
I've seen them before in 2002 opening for the Vines in Vancouver.
Damian Kulash circa 2002 in Vancouver
Damian Kulash-OK GO
They had magnetism and stage presence then, and I totally remember their set from 2002. There was also dancing (though not a routine) after the show, so the roots were always there. ANYWAY, this show was fabulous! Damian is wicked funny(drunk) and genuine pearls of wisdom included..."celebrating St Patrick's day during SXSW is like celebrating your birthday on Christmas" SXSW -OK Go at Dirty Dog
Mid show, he sent a girl from the crowd to get the band double whisky's ("I'm a rich rock star, I can afford it") then confused another girl for the first girl and said "I don't mean to bother you but you aren't going to get those drinks are you." Other snippets. "Last time we came through Austin we were arrested for wrestling naked in the meridian of the freeway....It was rush hour." Now I think it DID actually happen, but I think it was the crew. To see more about Damian's ACTUAL arrest in Orlando the week before, click HERE
SXSW -OK Go at Dirty Dog
The paisley lighting complimenting their gorgeous attire complete with really tight stovetop pants really added to the entire groove.

They ended the show with "The Backyard Dance" If you don't know what I'm talking about or are wondering what the hell is going on in these following photos the please click HERE
SXSW -OK Go at Dirty Dog
SXSW -OK Go at Dirty Dog

Off to see Brian Jonestown Massacre. I'd never heard of them before DiG! but I was really excited to see them now. (If you haven't seen the movie do yourself a favour and find it now!!). I got in easily enough, but was stuck in the another sub room and stuck in my first real line to get into the main room. I found out later that the back entrance was a free for all, but it ended up not mattering as I did get into the main room before the show started.
Anoton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre
Brain Jonestown Massacre - Bourbon Rocks
I ended up more or less behind the stage, that same cage/pen stage I was talking about with the Lovetones as the place was packed. Anton got on stage, made an elaborate show of having his shirt removed, and proceeded to have the stage lights turned completely off. I guess I was expecting (hoping) some crazy Anton, but he was pretty cool and as promised played the sitar.
Brain Jonestown Massacre - Bourbon Rocks
Last stop of the night was to see a band called the Feeling from the UK. Another highlight in an evening of highlights.
The Feeling
The Feeling at Blender Bar At the Ritz
Dan Gillespie has a wonderfully expressive voice and performs with the gestures of an actor. Sewn, their last song, almost made me cry. I met him after the show and when I started to babble Barb had to drag me away.
The Feeling at Blender Bar At the Rit

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