Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Supergrass - Feb 26, 2006 The Commodore Vancouver

Supergrass are one of my favourite bands. I didn't see them last time they were in Vancouver, and I still regret it. Life On Other Planets is one of my desert island CD picks.
Supergrass concerts
Gaz Coombes

We missed Pilotdrift. In fact, we were so used to the headliner starting at 11:30 that we almost missed the show!

The show opened with Gaz alone on stage with his guitar and his solo performance of St Petersberg. Song by song the rest of the band joined in.

All in all, an amazing performance. Road To Rouen wasn't my favourite album, but I was suprized how much more I liked those songs when I heard them live. Gaz has a really remarkable voice.


luna_scorp said...

Terrific Photos!

Simone said...

Amazing photos! Puts mine to shame. You've captured all the things I wish I had. And you are correct. Gaz has an AMAZING voice. Sorry you missed them on the LOOP tour. :( That's when I first saw them.