Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Bumbershoot 2010-September 4-6, 2010

Wow, Busy weekend, and sucky weather for the second year in a row! Nothing can be done, and we still had lots of fun. And we didn't unpack the rain gear, so why am I complaining!
As always, The Dandy Warhols
IMG 5872
Courtney Taylor-Taylor

Best show of theirs in ages.

Jenny and Johnny. My current favourite new band.
IMG 5985
Jenny Lewis

IMG 5987
Jenny Lewis

IMG 5984
Jonathon Rice

Sweet Water
IMG 5770
Rich Credo

IMG 5772
Cole Peterson

Hey Marseilles. Can you fit any more band members on stage? Really great stuff that reminded me a lot of the Decemberists.
IMG 5785
Hey Marseilles

IMG 5806
Hey Marseilles

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Bumbershoot 2010- KEXP Lounge

So, this year at Bumbershoot, quite by accident, I discovered the KEXP lounge. I mean, I'd read about it every year but never attended a show, however this year, The Raveonettes were one of the performers, so I knew I couldn't miss it.
IMG 5722
Sharin Foo

We dutifully lined up a half an hour early at the booth, not realy knowing what to expect, but when we finally entered the venue, it was clear that we were in for something special. A nice small venue that sounded great for the live recording they were performing.
IMG 5708
Sharin Foo

After the show, the band even broke down their own gear so we got to meet the band.
IMG 5646
Glen and Sharin

Visqueen was a band I loved last year at Bumbershoot. I was just as happy to see them this year, except even happier to be sitting in the lovely KEXP lounge.
IMG 5603
Rachel Flotard

IMG 5607
Cristina Bautista

IMG 5594
Rachel Flotard

They were charming and funny and I love them so check them out.

Another favourite, and oddly, someone I've never seen live before, was The Thermals. Pillar Of Salt is still one of my favourite songs and the new album has another potential all time fav in I Don't Believe You.
Here is a video I took of a different song. Awesome right??

We also saw The Engish Beat who are oldies but goodies from my youth. Tenderness (same guy but he was with Gneral Public at the time) is another of my all time favourite songs, even to this day.
IMG 5954
Dave Wakeling

IMG 5960
Antonee First