Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Two Hours Traffic at the Railway Club - March 8, 2008

Two Hours Traffic are my favourite new band. Not just Canadian band, but favourite new band period.
Liam Corcoran
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Their new album Little Jabs has rarely been on constant rotation since I first heard "Caught For The Summer" and we made a point to go see them on their swing through Vancouver after the Raveonettes show.
Liam Corcoran
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Oddly enough, they were another band that sounded great but weren't very compelling to watch. What happened to showmanship? What happened to making a connection with your audience? Singer Liam Corcoran barely opened his eyes the entire performance, and I can't remember if he uttered a single sentence.
Liam with Andrew MacDonald
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Thankfully, the music did all the talking that was necessary.
Alec O'Hanley
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Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Raveonettes at the Plaza Club- March 8, 2008

Sharin Foo
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This was our second time seeing The Raveonettes in a few months who are touring in support of their new album Lust Lust Lust. It's an amazing album, and made the "Must List" of Entertainment Weekly.
Sharin Foo

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The Last time we saw them, was at Richards in October. The album hadn't been released yet, and for reasons unknown they gave a lackluster performance that Sharin actually apologized for at the end of the set.
Sune Rose Wagner

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This show was quite a bit better although not as good as the first time I saw them. At that time they toured with a full band, and not only did they sound amazing but the band provided a much needed personable presence on stage.
Leah Shapiro

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These last couple of times have been with drummer Leah Shapiro. Her small kit, and and entertaining presence help break up the lack of charisma of the band. That said, I Love Love Love the Raveonettes, and have a serious girl crush on Sharin, who was voted one of Blender Magazines hottest rockers.
Sharin Foo

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