Friday, June 20, 2008

Dandy Warhols- Richards On Richards June 18, 2008

Finally a really great Dandy's show!
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I've seen the Dandy Warhols probably a dozen times. They are one of my favourite bands, and I would never miss them, but it's been awhile since I saw them put on a truly memorable show. In fact, they've been so consistently unmemorable that I didn't even right anything about the last show I saw.
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This show was a pretty short notice practice show in anticipation of festival season across the pond. The entire "tour" consisted of only 4 shows, and Vancouver was one of the lucky cities.
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One of the VERY lucky cities, because this show was the best I've ever seen them. What was different? Maybe the fact that they'd "Practiced a lot" which Courtney jokingly told the crowd when someone yelled out how great they sounded. Maybe the fact that they seemed to be genuinely having fun. Maybe the long stretch off the road had made them hungry for it again.

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Maybe it was that the new material they played off the new album, Earth To The Dandy Warhols may be the strongest songs they've released in years.
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Courtney definitely brought his "A" game, being very dramatic with his performance both with his instrumentation and with body. They sounded amazing and except for a few dropped lyrics that I'm sure only Glen noticed, they were all I could have hoped for.
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They'll be back in September and so will I!
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