Sunday, September 23, 2007

Detroit Cobras - September 21, 2007 at Neumos Crystal Ball Reading Room, Seattle

Rachel Nagy and Mary Ramirez
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So this is a very late post. I wasn't going to post about it all. Why?? Because I love the Detroit Cobras and they were a big disappointment, and I hate having to say it.
Dan Sartain
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Let's start with Dan Sartain, who was great. I've loved Dan Sartain since I first heard "Join Dan Sartain". He's basically a guy with a guitar but he's on this tour with a drummer as well. The set was too short for my liking and he never played my very favourite song, "Young Girls". In hindsight, I wish it had been the Detroit Cobras opening for him.
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The Cobras finally hit the stage, but it was clear from the opening notes that there were sound troubles afoot. Rachel Nagy's voice was completely lost in the mix, and no amount of fiddling was ever able to fix it.

Maybe this is what contributed to the lackluster performance. Or maybe it was because Rachel was crabby because she'd quit smoking (or at least never smoked once during the show). Any way you looked at it, Rachel wasn't there mentally, physically, or emotionally.
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What was interesting to see was Mary Ramiriz working hard to bring a smile to Rachel's face or joy to the rest of the band's performance. Anything good about this show was because of her gleeful energy.

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