Friday, June 10, 2005

The Doves - The Commodore June 9, 2005

Inspired by the exotic adventures of The Travelling Head, here is my attempt at sharing some of my musical adventures.
Let's start here, with my "review" of the Doves last night here at the fabulous Commodore Ballroom in beautiful Vancouver.

If there was an opening act we totally missed it as the band gets on stage shortly after we get drinks. I am already feeling like a sardine and I can barely see anything from our spot centre floor. Damn it, I hate being so short. They open with Pounding and it's already magical. They do have a multimedia show with running video of everything from what looks like old film the Titanic to swirling galaxies. They also have a beautiful light show, which sends twinkling stars and patterns around the room. Musically they are beautiful, blessed with some remarkable vocals and ethereal twisting guitars.

I love these guys! I'm sick of having to hop up and down to see anything so I leave Glen for my usual perch by the stage where what you gain by being able to see is awful sound. I wonder what the drum stick is doing on the guitarists mike stand? I can't stand not hearing it properly. I go to find Glen, who I now can't even see in the mass of people. I make my way to the other side of the stage, hoping for better luck sound wise. In my new perch the sound is much better as I'm now by Jimi's monitor. Cedar Room closes the show and the band leaves the stage.

The roadies are setting up another drum kit on stage and the audience is mildly participating in my least favourite concert tradition of the screaming and clapping for an encore. We all know they are coming back, so it's a particularly halfhearted effort. I'm totally expecting Catch the Sun, the only song I've ever heard on the Radio

Minutes later, the band is back, but wait! Jimi is now behind the drum kit, and drummer Andy is singing Here It Comes. Things return to normal for Satellites and for the final number There Goes The Fear the finale is augmented by a drum solo on the side drum kit by Jimi, and cowbell banging by guitarist Jez. No Catch the Sun, but I'm still all warm and fuzzy from the experience.

Here are my photos for you all to admire, which I now will admit is my real purpose for doing this Blog in the first place.
Doves Set List


Marsillini said...

Wow! Are you a photographer for Rolling Stone?

Keri said...

No I just play one on TV

SuperGirl said...

You be sooo VIP to get THAT close. Can I be a mixed bag too?