Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Raveonettes May 5, 2005- Richards On Richards Vancouver

The Raveonettes

Sharin Foo

Scene from the show:
The club is dark, and as our main characters are sitting there, a blonde gorgeous woman approaches. She has “secret agent” smoky good looks in a black trench coat and impossibly high pump heals.
Scene begins.
Glen: Is that Sharin?
Keri: Um, I’m not sure.
Glen: Should I say something?
Keri: Do you want to? I don’t know if it’s her or not.
Glen: What would I say? I think you’re hot? I think you guys are great? She’ll call security or think I’m a loser.

Paralyzed into inaction, neither of us do anything and Sharin disappears into the darkness.
End Scene

Here's Glen with Sharin
Glen and Sharin

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