Tuesday, June 12, 2007

NXNE 2007 - A few highlights

North By North East is the largest music festival in Canada. Hundreds of bands, independent and majors alike, gather for the 3 day festival.

Between the many parties, and bottles of pink champagne, I did actually get out to see a few bands, and below are a few I feel are worth checking out.
Chris Stopa

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First Place goes to a Toronto band called Public who played a set at C'est What. How cliched is it that the best show was the last show we saw.
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Second Place goes to We Are The Take, and they are also the worst photos, so sorry guys.
Erik Alcock
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I've seen them before and have liked them for awhile, so I guess this isn't really a surprize pick.
Craig Stickland
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Third place goes to Simon Wilcox, who. despite the name, is a dynamic and gorgeously girly singer songwriter.
Simon Wilcox
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Not officially a NXNE showcase, but rating a Fourth Place spot is a band from my youth, LOVERBOY!
Mike Reno and Paul Dean
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They atually have a new album coming out soon, and they mixed a few new jewels in amongst the old standbys like Working For The Weekend.
Matt Frenette
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Don't believe the boys still have it?? Check out these happy concert goers...
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cally said...

love the photos of all the bands here especially LOVERBOY!!! they look good.