Monday, May 28, 2007

Vietnam - May 25, 2007 at Richards On Richards

Michael Gerner
Vietnam - May 25, 2007 at Richards on Richards
We actually wanted to check out this show for the Black Angels who were headlining. We weren't sure we'd get tickets as it was a last minute decision, so we hung out outside the club waiting for the doors to open.

While we were waiting a van pulls up, and out pour four grubby souls who would have looked like homeless were it not for the confidence they exuded. Even relaxing with a smoke while crouching beside the club, Michael Gerner looked more like George Harrison then a a bum.
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In the end, it was Vietnam who stole the show for me with their intense thoughtful lyrics, and compelling songs.

The Black Angels sound pretty good in recordings, but live felt like a mess to me. Lead singer Alex Mass sounded like he was singing through cotton candy and not a single lyric could be heard. Despite a compelling dynamic within the group which include a girl drummer, the lights were kept low and a looped video ran behind the band. I'd have way rather seen Alex sing since perhaps I could have read his lips.

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