Monday, April 23, 2007

David Usher - April 13, 2007 at Richards On Richards

David Usher - April 13, 2007 at Richards on Richards
I've been lucky enough to actually hang out with David Usher in New York. It included a fun bar hop through the East Village for which I'll always be thankful to Barb.

I was a fan before those days, but appreciated him so much more after that.
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After being sick for a number of days, David Usher played a fabulous sold out show at Richards on Richards in support of his new album "Strange Birds". To protect his voice, he hadn't spoken in 4 days. It was worth it as he was in amazing voice, and played a fabulous set. One thrilling highlight was a cover of Crazy which culminated in a spastic dance in front of strobe light.

I have no better shots of the show as it was pretty dark and so these are both with a flash, but I did get to see him again after the show where he communicated via gestures an sign language to protect his voice for the next nights show.
Photo Hosted at Buzznet

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