Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lukas Rossi in Ottawa, Ontario - Nov 24 and 25, 2006

Lukas Rossi
I love Lukas Rossi. I loved him before I ever saw him or even knew who he was. Sounds weird? Well, not really when you know that I was with Barb when she called Lukas from SXSW and convinced him to go audition for Rockstar Supernova. I was so excited because I had someone to actually root for on the show.

Lukas Rossi
Fast forward 8 months and the world knows that Lukas actually won the whole thing. I was really excited to be going to Ottawa to see him play.

He played to shows on Saturday. One was part of a larger show with Josh and Phil from the show. Lukas played with two members of his old band, Rise Electric, Jay and Dom. They'd rehearsed for the first time on Friday night, and it was a really great set which included a solo performance by Lukas of "Living On A Prayer" which he'd done on the show.
Me and Lukas Rossi
This photo was from that Friday night rehearsal. Lukas may be all rockstar in public, and was pretty much a spoiled brat at the VIP party, but in person he was amazingly nice. Much taller then I imagined, maybe 5'10", and very warm.

Of course, his actual quote upon seeing this photo was "I look like a crack whore....COOL!"


Anonymous said...

was he talking about himself...... or you????????????????

Anonymous said...

Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Great pic's Keri. Looks like a blast. (wp)