Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Yoko Casionos with Sloan- October 24, 2006 at the Commodore Ballroom

I've always been a big fan of The Yoko Casionos since the first time I saw them. It was totally exciting to see them play a big venue with their first major label release, "These Are The New Old Times".
Misty Reid of the Yoko Casionos
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They were opening for Sloan who I've seen several times, so it was really all about the Yokos.
Patrick Pentland of Sloan
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At the heart of The Yoko Casionos are the brother and sister team of Chad and Misty Reid, who just also happen to be twins.
Chad Reid of the Yoko Casionos
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I've seen the Yokos many many times so it was no surpize to me to see the hometown crowd cheering them on wildly. I was singing along to everything like they were already the big stars I hope they become.
Juice of the Yoko Casionos
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Sloan was promoting a new 30 SONG CD called "Never Hear The End Of It". Some of songs are only about a minute long, and many of them aren't true gems, so it's quite the risky move for their first studio album in almost 3 years. They did play my favourite new song called "Someone I Can Be True With".
Chris Murphy Of Sloan
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The bad thing is when you have a new 30 song CD and you play even a 10 of the new songs, you end up missing out on a lot of material that your fans have come to love.

The best part was the encore when Yoko's Juice and Misty returned to the stage for Sloan's encore.

Misty And Jay Ferguson of Sloan
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QueenieCarly said...

Great photos! Thanks for your visit over at my blog. We'd checked out YC on MySpace before the show to decide if we wanted to head there early to check them out. As I mentioned on my entry about the show, we decided not to. Given your glowing endorsement, I'm considering a second chance and I think I may make a point of checking them out next time there is a show around town. Thanks for the tip!