Friday, June 23, 2006

Rhett Miller - June 17, 2006 at the Central Park Summer Stage in NYC

So it was my birthday, and I couldn't have been happier to hear that Rhett Miller, of one of my favourite bands, the Old 97's, was playing a free concert in Central Park.
Rhett Miller at the Central Park Summer Stage
It had already been a long, hot day in New York when we made our way to the theatre. I have to admit we both slept pretty much through the two opening acts.
Rhett Miller at the Summer Stage in Central Park New York
I've pretty much loved the Old 97's since the first time I heard Murder (Or A Heart Attack) in some bar one summer. I remember trying to remember the lyrics so I could google them when I got home, and new musical obsession was born.
Rhett Miller at the Summer Stage in Central Park New York
I didn't even know that Rhett Miller was a hottie until some time later. Anyway, he's embarked on a solo career, and of course, I missed him during SXSW. (Side note, SXSW is crazy, but even crazier is how easy it's been to catch up on what I missed!)

Anyway, the Central Park gig, was great. He played a lot of songs from the new album of course, but one of the funniest moments was when he went on record to announce that he would no longer play Question to help some guy propose. "It's too stressful. One day she's going to say no!"

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