Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Secret Machines - May 9, 2006 Richards on Richards

I really wanted to see The Secret Machines at SXSW this year. We showed up at La Zona Rosa at 1:00 for their 12:45 start time to find DJ that was to precede them, still on stage. I was tired, and cranky so we skipped them. I'd heard the show was great, so I was glad to get to see them.
The Secret Machines
It was all about the ambiance. The band was lit entirely from behind with little or no direct lighting.
The Secret Machines
The Secret Machines are brothers from New York plus one. What I thought was unusual was that for a three piece they had a road crew of four.
Benjamin Curtis
Their material is two sided. On one side, they play these amazing pop songs like "Lightning Blue Eyes" and "Nowhere Again" and on the other side they play these long experimental groove tunes which I'm not so fond of. In their own bio, they talk about the songs having themes of isolation which permiate through the album.

Ben Curtis

Visually, the show was quite stunning and musically it was pretty true to the record. Maybe not my favourite show but I'm glad I finally got a chance to see them.
Josh Garza
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gm said...

Wow, great photos! Did you find it weird how dead Richard's was? I've never seen it so empty.

Keri said...

Seriously?? I've seen it tons emptier. In fact, I was pretty surprized about how many people were there for a band that had no advance press at all. That said, I guess we won't have Richards to kick around much longer. :0(

gm said...

Huh... I guess I only go to popular shows. I would have thought the Machines would have had a larger following, though... what with the new album and a fair bit of online buzz, including statements that David Bowie is a big fan.

Any word on how long Richard's will be around? I've been hearing rumours about it's closure for several years now.

Are you going to Starlight Mints this weekend? I still haven't decided...

Keri said...

I had no idea that David Bowie was on the TSM bandwagon until after the show.
Richard's should be gone by August. It's not just a rumour anymore.
No Starlight Mints for me. Let me know how it is.