Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stalking at SXSW

Now generally in this blog I don't talk about myself but I thought I'd make an exception to that rule since not much is happening musically this month, and I love to use my free Flickr space, so here is my stalking report from SXSW.

#1 Damian Kulash of Ok Go at the Austin Airport.
Damian Kulash Of Ok Go
I saw the band the minute I entered the airport. They were in the American Airlines line ahead of me. "Could I be this lucky" I thought. "Could they be on my flight? Maybe I'll be sitting right beside them and we'll laugh and talk and become best friends!!! It will be such an improvement over the smelly man I had on the way here" Alas, it wasn't meant to be. They were going home to Chicago and was destined to be stuck overnight in Dallas on an unscheduled stopover.

All was not lost however as I did introduce myself and get a picture. Yes, Damian took this one ("My arms are longer") but I love it anyway.
Me and Damian Kulash
#2 Dave Bielanko of Marah
This makes the number 2 spot since I really really like Marah. Check out this very blog for my rapsodies about the time they came through Vancouver. We were on our way out when we ran into them all sweaty and having a post show smoke. Is it okay to bug them then? As I was unsure of the proper etiquette, I did it anyway.

#3 Dan Gillespie of the Feeling

Now a reasonable person wouldn't post these photos. I'm unshowered, really tired, and these are not flattering shots for anyone involved, but I don't care at the moment. At this moment, it was all about Dan, and that amazing song Sewn that made me almost cry.
#4 Lyle Lovett with runner up Joe Ely

This is stalking post radio show. We'd been out until 2:30 and woke up at 6:00 to see Neil Young, who never showed up by the way. We'd seen Lyle Lovett in a SUV on Friday and that was exciting so meeting him was even better.

Lastly are the unusual people wandering around SXSW 6th street like the alien from the band The Here

...and I don't remember what this guy was about.

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Marsillini said...

There's nothing wrong with stalking. At least that's what I keep telling my PO.

The Girl Who said...

I'm an internet stalker and proud of it.. Great photos Keri! My name is Monica Bielanko.. Pleased to meet you..